When you are thinking of, renovations, alterations or building from scratch, you will always get to the electrifying stage. Be it only the replacement of a switch or socket, or as far as a full re-do involving re-wiring, new light switches and sockets, plugs, circuit breakers, security lighting and internal lighting, the list could go on, depending how vast your plans are.

Amanat Electrical Wholesalers provides a wide range of electrical fittings and accessories required in any electrical work, be it residential, commercial or industrial. The main focus of Amanat to clients is to provide quality products at an affordable price that would prove durable and lifelong, so as to ensure a safety standard compliant installation, as well as peace of mind to the client.

Local products are the forefront of the market leading brands offered at Amanat, from our very own Amanat engineered product range, starting from pvc piping and accessories to a vast range of switching gear, Zimbabwean manufactured CAFCA cabling , CBI mcb circuit breakers, conlite fluresent channels, as well as a variety of locally manufactured products. Among them would be items such as geyser elements, meter and distribution boards.

MK MK switches ??? a globally renowned brand of switches, sockets and cooker control accessories is brand recommended , tried and tested for many years. There are many other good, strong reliable brands on offer in the various areas of requirements in electrics. KIPOR as a good affordable brand of standby power solutions MK

Amanat has 33 years of service experience and welcomes you to a world of quality, durability and peace of mind that will suit your pocket. Always bear in mind, cheap gimmicks may look inviting, but shall not be pleasing in the long run, and you just wont have a peace of mind.

With Amanat you can turn on your light switch and smile in confidence, knowing that you have built a lifelong alliance with the leaders of the electrical world.

Amanat looks forwards to welcoming you soon.

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